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       globus_gram_job_manager_rsl_validation_file - RSL Validation File Format The idea behind
       the RSL Validation file is to provide a mechanism for job manager scheduler interfaces to
       implement RSL extensions, while having the job manager still be able to decide whether a
       job request contains a valid RSL string.

       In addition to indicating what RSL attributes are valid, the RSL validation file contains
       information about when the RSL attribute may be used, it's default value, and the format
       of the attribute's value.

File Format

       The RSL validation file may contain comments. Comments are indicated in the file by a line
       beginning with the # character. Comments continue until end-of-line. Comments are
       discarded by the RSL Validation File parser.


       # I am a comment. Ignore me.

       The RSL validition file consists of a set of ValidationRecords. Each ValidationRecord
       consists of a number of ValidationProperties associated with a single RSL attribute.
       ValidationRecords are separated by a blank line in the RSL validation file.

   Validation Properties
       A ValidationProperty is defined in the RSL validation file by a PropertyName and a
       PropertyValue. The syntax of a validation property is simply the PropertyName followed by
       a colon character, followed by a PropertyValue.

       If a PropertyValue begins with a double-quote, then it may span multiple lines. Double-
       quote characters within a multiline PropertyValue must be escaped by a preceding backslash
       character. An unquoted PropertyValue ends at the first newline character.


       Attribute: directory
       Description: "Specifies the path of the directory the jobmanager will
                     use as the default directory for the requested job."

   Defined PropertyNames
       The following PropertyNames are understood by this version of the RSL validation file
       parser. Any unknown PropertyName will cause the ValidationProprty to be ignored by the

           The name of the RSL parameter to which this record refers.

           A textual description of what the RSL parameter means.

           The default value of the RSL parameter if it is not found in the RSL. The default
           value is only used if the DefaultWhen value matches the current validation mode.

           A string containing whitespace-separated list of enumerated values which are valid for
           this RSL attribute. For example, for the 'dryrun' parameter, this may be 'yes no'.

           Some subset of the 'when strings' (see below), indicating when the RSL parameter is
           required for the RSL to be valid.

           Some subset of the 'when strings' (see below) indicating when then RSL's default value
           will be used if the RSL attribute is not present in the RSL.

           Some subset of the 'when strings' (see below) indicating when then RSL attribute may
           be used.

   'When' Strings
       The set of when strings understood by the RSL validation file parser are

           The RSL attribute pertains to job submission.

           The RSL attribute pertains to job manager restart.

           The RSL attribute pertains to the STDIO_UPDATE signal.

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