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       globus_gram_resource_manager_contact - Resource Manager Contact The resource manager
       contact string is used by the GRAM Client to connect to, authenticate to, and request
       service from a GRAM resource manager.

       The simplest contact string is just a host name, but additional fields may be present in
       the name to qualify the TCP port number it is listening on, the service name (for example,
       to choose a specific scheduler), and the subject name (security identity) of the resource

       For those resource manager contacts which omit the port, service or subject field the
       following defaults are used:

       port = 2119 (assigned by IANA)
       service = jobmanager
       subject = subject based on hostname

       The following contain all of the acceptable formats of a GRAM Resource Manager Contact:

       · host

       · host:port

       · host:port/service

       · host/service

       · host:/service

       · host::subject

       · host:port:subject

       · host/service:subject

       · host:/service:subject

       · host:port/service:subject

       Note: Any of the above forms may be preceded by an optional '<b>https</b><b>://</b>'.