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       Error Helper Functions -

   OpenSSL Error Match
       globus_bool_t globus_error_match_openssl_error (globus_object_t *error, unsigned long
           library, unsigned long function, unsigned long reason)

   Wrap OpenSSL Error
       globus_object_t * globus_error_wrap_openssl_error (globus_module_descriptor_t
           *base_source, int error_type, const char *source_file, const char *source_func, int
           source_line, const char *format,...)

Detailed Description

       Utility functions that deal with Globus OpenSSL Error objects.

       This section defines utility function for Globus OpenSSL Error objects.

Function Documentation

   globus_bool_t globus_error_match_openssl_error (globus_object_t *error, unsigned longlibrary,
       unsigned longfunction, unsigned longreason)
       Check whether the error originated from a specific library, from a specific function and
       is of a specific type. This function checks whether the error or any of it's causative
       errors originated from a specific library, specific function and is of a specific type.

           error The error object for which to perform the check
           library The library to check for
           function The function to check for
           reason The type to check for

           GLOBUS_TRUE - the error matched GLOBUS_FALSE - the error failed to match

       References globus_error_match_openssl_error(), and GLOBUS_ERROR_TYPE_OPENSSL.

   globus_object_t* globus_error_wrap_openssl_error (globus_module_descriptor_t *base_source,
       interror_type, const char *source_file, const char *source_func, intsource_line, const
       char *format, ...)
       Wrap the OpenSSL error and create a wrapped globus error object from the error. This
       function gets all the openssl errors from the error list, and chains them using the globus
       error string object. The resulting globus error object is a wrapper to the openssl error
       at the end of the chain.

           base_source The module that the error was generated from
           error_type The type of error encapsulating the openssl error
           source_file Name of file. Use FILE
           source_func Name of function. Use _globus_func_name and declare your func with
           source_line Line number. Use LINE
           format format string for the description of the error entry point where the openssl
           error occurred, should be followed by parameters to fill the format string (like in

           The globus error object. A globus_result_t object can be created using the
           globus_error_put function

       See Also:

       References globus_error_construct_openssl_error().


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