Provided by: libclippoly-dev_0.11-4_amd64 bug


       v_print2,  v_print3,  m_print2,  m_print3, v_scan2, v_scan3,  v_inters2, v_dupl2, v_dupl3,
       m_dupl2,  m_dupl3 - additional 3d graphics and associated matrix and vector routines


       #include <graphadd.h>

       void      v_print2(hvec2_t vec, const char *name)

       void      v_print3(hvec3_t vec, const char *name)

       void      m_print2(hmat2_t mat, const char *name)

       void      m_print3(hmat3_t mat, const char *name)

       int v_scan2(hvec2_t &vec)

       int v_scan3(hvec3_t &vec)

       int v_inters2(
       const hvec2_t &p1, const hvec2_t &p2, const hvec2_t &q1,
       const hvec2_t &q2, hvec2_t *S1, hvec2_t *S2)

       void v_dupl2(hvec2_t *, hvec2_t *)

       void v_dupl3(hvec3_t *, hvec3_t *)

       void m_dupl2(hmat2_t *, hmat2_t *)

       void m_dupl3(hmat3_t *, hmat3_t *)


       These routines ar an addition to grapmat(3). The *print routines print the approriate data
       to  stderr.   The *scan routines read from stdin.  The *dupl routines copy data. v_inters2
       returns the intersection point of p1,p2 and q1,q2 in S1 and S2. The return value is  0  if
       no  intersection  point  is found, 1 if there is an intersection point, and two if the two
       lines do overlap. In that case, the two points are the extrema.


       Naming conventions as in graphmat(3).


       All the "functions" may have been implemented as macro's, so you can't take the address of
       a  function.  It  is  however  guaranteed  that  arguments  of each function/macro will be
       evaluated only once, except for the result  argument,  which  can  be  evaluated  multiple


       graphmat(3), graphmat++(3), Graphics and matrix routines.


       Only   available   in   C++   and  ANSI  C.  v_inters2  only  in  C++.   Library  file  is
       /usr/local/lib/libgraphmat.a and the C++ util files.


       Herbert Hilhorst
       Klamer Schutte

                                         9 September 1992                             GRAPHADD(3)