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       Opening/Closing - An XIO handle with the gsi driver can be created with either
       globus_xio_handle_create () or globus_xio_server_register_accept ().

       If the handle is created with globus_xio_server_register_accept (), the
       globus_xio_register_open () call will proceed to accept a GSSAPI security context. Upon
       successful completion of the open, ie after the open callback has been called, the
       application may proceed to read or write data associated with the GSI session.

       If the handle is created with globus_xio_handle_create (), then the XIO handle will
       implement the client-side (init) of the GSSAPI call sequence and establish a security
       context with the accepting side indicated by the contact_string passed to
       globus_xio_register_open ().


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