Provided by: libgnuspool-dev_1.7ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       gspool_ptrfind - get the details of a printer from printer name


       #include <gspool.h>

       int gspool_ptrfind(const int fd, const unsigned flags, const char *name, const netid_t
       nid, slotno_t *slot, struct apispptr *ptrd)

       int gspool_ptrfindslot(const int fd, const unsigned flags, const char *name, const netid_t
       nid, slotno_t *slot)


       The gspool_ptrfind() and gspool_ptrfindslot functions may be used to find a printer from a
       given printer name rather than by the slot number. gspool_ptrfind retrieves the printer
       description, gspool_ptrfindslot just retrieves the slot number.

       fd is a file descriptor previously returned by gspool_open

       flags is zero, or "GSPOOL_FLAG_LOCALONLY" to ignore remote printers/hosts, i.e. not local
       to the server, not the client.

       name is the printer name to be searched for.

       nid is the network-byte order IP address of the host of the machine whose printer is to be
       searched for. This should be correct even if "GSPOOL_FLAG_LOCALONLY" is specified.

       slot is a pointer to a location in which the slot number of the printer is placed if the
       search is successfull. It may be "NULL" if this is not required (but this would be almost
       pointless for gspool_ptrfindslot).

       ptrd is a pointer to a field to contain the printer name as defined in gspool.h.  The
       fields in struct apispptr are defined in the documentation for gspool_ptrread(3).


       If two or more printers on the same host have the same name, then it is not defined which
       is returned by gspool_ptrfind and gspool_ptrfindslot. In such cases, the whole printer
       list should be read and the correct one selected.


       The functions gspool_ptrfind() and gspool_ptrfindslot return 0 if successful, otherwise
       one of the following codes:

               Printer not found

               Invalid File descriptor

               failure writing to the network

               failure reading from the network


       gspool_ptrlist(3), gspool_ptradd(3), gspool_ptrdel(3), gspool_ptrupd(3),
       gspool_ptrread(3), gspool_ptrmon(3), gspool_ptrop(3).


       Copyright (c) 2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.  This is free software. You may
       redistribute copies of it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
       <>.  There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by


       John M Collins, Xi Software Ltd.