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       hwloc_obj_attr_u::hwloc_cache_attr_s -


       #include <hwloc.h>

   Data Fields
       hwloc_uint64_t size
       unsigned depth
       unsigned linesize
       int associativity
       hwloc_obj_cache_type_t type

Detailed Description

       Cache-specific Object Attributes.

Field Documentation

   int hwloc_obj_attr_u::hwloc_cache_attr_s::associativity
       Ways of associativity, -1 if fully associative, 0 if unknown.

   unsigned hwloc_obj_attr_u::hwloc_cache_attr_s::depth
       Depth of cache (e.g., L1, L2, ...etc.)

   unsigned hwloc_obj_attr_u::hwloc_cache_attr_s::linesize
       Cache-line size in bytes. 0 if unknown.

   hwloc_uint64_t hwloc_obj_attr_u::hwloc_cache_attr_s::size
       Size of cache in bytes.

   hwloc_obj_cache_type_t hwloc_obj_attr_u::hwloc_cache_attr_s::type
       Cache type.


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