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       install_keyboard_hooks - Installs custom keyboard hooks. Allegro game programming library.


       #include <allegro.h>

       void install_keyboard_hooks(int (*keypressed)(), int (*readkey)());


       You  should only use this function if you *aren't* using the rest of the keyboard handler.
       It should be called in the place of install_keyboard(),  and  lets  you  provide  callback
       routines  to  detect  and read keypresses, which will be used by the main keypressed() and
       readkey() functions. This can be useful if you want to  use  Allegro's  GUI  code  with  a
       custom  keyboard handler, as it provides a way for the GUI to get keyboard input from your
       own code, bypassing the normal Allegro input system.


       install_keyboard(3alleg4), keypressed(3alleg4), readkey(3alleg4)