Provided by: libivykis-dev_0.36.2-1_amd64 bug


       iv_fatal, iv_set_fatal_msg_handler - ivykis fatal error condition handling


       #include <iv.h>

       void iv_fatal(const char *fmt, ...);
       void iv_set_fatal_msg_handler(void (*handler)(const char *msg));


       iv_fatal  aborts  the  running  program, after possibly emitting an error message. The fmt
       parameter is a printf(3)-style format string, the message to be logged.

       If no handler is set (the default), the formatted message will be  sent  to  syslog,  with
       critical  severity.  Otherwise the handler as set by iv_set_fatal_msg_handler will be used

       iv_fatal is also used internally by ivykis, whenever a fatal situation is detected.

       iv_set_fatal_msg_handler can be used to set an alternative (as opposed to syslog) function
       to  call  from  iv_fatal,  and its argument should be a function that does not return, and
       takes a single string as argument - the formatted error message.


       ivykis(3), iv_examples(3)