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       iwidgets::extbutton  - Extends the behavior of the Tk button by allowing a bitmap or image
       to coexist with text.


       iwidgets::extbutton pathName ?options?


       itk::Widget <- iwidgets::Extbutton


       activebackground    activeforeground  bitmap
       background          bd                cursor
       disabledforeground  font              foreground
       image               justify           relief      text

       See the "options" manual entry for details on the standard options.


       Name:           bitmapforeground
       Class:          Foreground
       Command-Line Switch:           -bitmapforeground

              Configures the foreground color of the bitmap.

       Name:           command
       Class:          Command
       Command-Line Switch:           -command

              Associate a command with the extbutton. Simulates a Tk  button's  -command  option.
              Invoked by either <1> events or by explicitly calling the public invoke() method.

       Name:   defaultring
       Class:  DefaultRing
       Command-Line Switch:    -defaultring

              Boolean  describing whether the extbutton displays its default ring given in any of
              the forms acceptable to Tcl_GetBoolean.  The default is false.

       Name:   defaultringpad
       Class:  Pad
       Command-Line Switch:    -defaultringpad

              Specifies the amount of space to be allocated to the  indentation  of  the  default
              ring ring given in any of the forms acceptable to Tcl_GetPixels.  The option has no
              effect if the defaultring option is set to false.  The default is 4 pixels.

       Name:   imagePos
       Class:  Position
       Command-Line Switch:    -imagepos

              Specifies the image position relative to the message text: n, ne, nw, s, se, sw, w,
              wn, ws, e, en, or es. The default is w.

       Name:           ringBackground
       Class:          Background
       Command-Line Switch:           -ringbackground

              Configures  the  background color of the default ring frame (if -defaultring is set
              to boolean true).



       The extbutton extends the behavior of the atomic Tk button by allowing text and  an  image
       or  bitmap  to coexist. The user may use the -image or -bitmap options to specify an image
       as well as the -imagepos option to specify image position relative to the text.  Note that
       the  extbutton  is not intended to be used without an image/bitmap. There will be an emtpy
       space next to the text if no image/bitmap is specified.


       The iwidgets::extbutton command creates a new Tcl command whose name  is  pathName.   This
       command  may  be  used  to  invoke various operations on the widget.  It has the following
       general form: pathName option ?arg arg ...?


       Each of the following methods are inherited from itk::Archetype. See  that  man  page  for
       details.  pathName cget pathName component pathName config pathName configure


       pathName invoke
              Evaluates the command fragment associated with the -command option.

       pathName flash
              Simulates the Tk button's flash command.


       package require Iwidgets 4.0 iwidgets::extbutton .eb -text "Bitmap example" -bitmap info \
         -background bisque -activeforeground red -bitmapforeground blue \
         -defaultring 1 -command {puts "Bisque is beautiful"} pack .eb -expand 1

       iwidgets::extbutton .eb -text "Image example" -relief ridge -image \
         [image create photo -file $itk::library/../iwidgets/demos/images/clear.gif] \
         -font 9x15bold -background lightgreen -imagepos e \
         -activebackground lightyellow pack .eb -expand 1


       Chad Smith


       button, pushbutton