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       iwidgets::optionmenu - Create and manipulate a option menu widget


       iwidgets::optionmenu pathName ?options?


       itk::Widget <- iwidgets::Labeledwidget <- iwidgets::Optionmenu


       activeBackground  activeBorderWidth  activeForeground    background
       borderWidth       cursor             disabledForeground  font
       foreground        highlightColor     highlightThickness  relief

       See the "options" manual entry for details on the standard options.


       disabledForeground             labelBitmap     labelFontlabelImage
       labelMargin     labelPos       labelText       labelVariable
       state           sticky

       See the "LabeledWidget" manual entry for details on the inherited options.


       Name:           clickTime
       Class:          ClickTime
       Command-Line Switch:           -clicktime

              Interval  time,  in msec, used to determine that a single mouse click has occurred.
              Used to post menu on a "quick" mouse click.  Note: changing this  value  may  cause
              the sigle-click functionality to not work properly.  The default is 150 msec.

       Name:           command
       Class:          Command
       Command-Line Switch:           -command

              Specifies  a  Tcl  command  procedure  to  be  evaluated following a  change in the
              current option menu selection.

       Name:           cyclicOn
       Class:          CyclicOn
       Command-Line Switch:           -cyclicon

              Turns on/off the 3rd mouse button capability. The value may be specified in any  of
              the forms acceptable to Tcl_GetBoolean.  This feature allows the right mouse button
              to cycle through the popup menu list without poping it up. The right  mouse  button
              cycles through the menu in reverse order.  The default is true.

       Name:           popupCursor
       Class:          Cursor
       Command-Line Switch:           -popupcursor

              Specifies   the mouse cursor to be used for the popup menu.  The value may have any
              of the  forms  acceptable to Tk_GetCursor.

       Name:           state
       Class:          State
       Command-Line Switch:           -state

              Specified one of two states for  the  optionmenu:  normal,  or  disabled.   If  the
              optionmenu is disabled, then option menu selection is ignored.

       Name:           width
       Class:          Width
       Command-Line Switch:           -width

              Specifies  a fixed size for the menu button label in any of the forms acceptable to
              Tk_GetPixels.  If the text is too small to fit in the label, the text  is  clipped.
              Note:  Normally,  when a new list is created, or new items are added to an existing
              list, the  menu  button  label  is  resized  automatically.   Setting  this  option
              overrides that functionality.



       The  iwidgets::optionmenu command creates an option menu widget with options to manage it.
       An option menu displays a frame containing a label and a button.  A pop-up menu will allow
       for the value of the button to change.


       The  iwidgets::optionmenu  command creates a new Tcl command whose name is pathName.  This
       command may be used to invoke various operations on the  widget.   It  has  the  following
       general  form:  pathName  option  ?arg  arg  ...?  Option and the args determine the exact
       behavior of the command.

       Many of the widget commands for an optionmenu take as one argument an indicator  of  which
       entry  of  the  option menu to operate on.  These indicators are called indexes and may be
       specified in any of the following forms:

       number      Specifies the entry numerically, where 0 corresponds to the top-most entry  of
                   the option menu, 1 to the entry below it, and so on.

       end         Indicates  the  bottommost  entry in the menu.  If there are no entries in the
                   menu then -1 is returned.

       select      Returns the numerical index of the currently selected option menu  entry.   If
                   no entries exist in the menu, then -1 is returned.

       pattern     If  the  index  doesn't satisfy one of the above forms then this form is used.
                   Pattern is pattern-matched against the label of each entry in the option menu,
                   in  order  from  the  top down, until a matching entry is found.  The rules of
                   Tcl_StringMatch are used.

       The following widget commands are possible for optionmenu widgets:


       pathName cget option
              Returns the current value of the configuration option given by option.  Option  may
              have any of the values accepted by the iwidgets::optionmenu command.

       pathName configure ?option? ?value option value ...?
              Query  or  modify  the  configuration  options  of  the  widget.   If  no option is
              specified, returns a list describing all of the available options for pathName (see
              Tk_ConfigureInfo  for  information  on  the  format  of  this  list).  If option is
              specified with no value, then the command returns a list describing the  one  named
              option  (this  list  will  be  identical  to the corresponding sublist of the value
              returned if no option is  specified).   If  one  or  more  option-value  pairs  are
              specified,  then  the command modifies the given widget option(s) to have the given
              value(s);  in this case the command returns an empty string.  Option may  have  any
              of the values accepted by the iwidgets::optionmenu command.

       pathName delete first ?last?
              Delete all of the option menu entries between first and last inclusive.  If last is
              omitted then it defaults to first.

       pathName disable index
              Disable the option menu entry specified by  index.   Disabling  a  menu  item  will
              prevent  the  user  from  being  able to select this item from the menu.  This only
              effects the state of the item in the menu, in other words, should the item  be  the
              currently  selected  item,  the  programmer  is  responsible  for  determining this
              condition and taking appropriate action.

       pathName enable index
              Enable the option menu entry specified by index.  Enabling a menu item  allows  the
              user to select this item from the menu.

       pathName get ?first? ?last?
              If no arguments are specified, this operation returns the currently selected option
              menu item.  Otherwise, it returns the name of the option at index first, or a range
              of options between first and last.

       pathName index index
              Returns the numerical index corresponding to index.

       pathName insert index string ?string?
              Insert an item, or list of items, into the menu at location index.

       pathName select index
              Select an item from the option menu to be displayed as the currently selected item.

       pathName sort mode
              Sort  the  current  menu  in  either  ascending,  or  descending order.  The values
              increasing, or decreasing are also accepted.


       Name:           menuBtn
       Class:          Menubutton

              The menuBtn component is the option menu button which displays the  current  choice
              from  the  popup menu.  See the "menubutton" widget manual entry for details on the
              menuBtn component item.

       Name:           popupMenu
       Class:          Menu

              The popupMenu component is menu displayed upon selection of the menu  button.   The
              menu  contains the choices for the option menu.  See the "menu" widget manual entry
              for details on the popupMenu component item.


        package require Iwidgets 4.0
        iwidgets::optionmenu .om -labelmargin 5 \
            -labelon true -labelpos w -labeltext "Operating System :"

        .om insert end Unix VMS Linux OS/2 {Windows NT} DOS
        .om sort ascending
        .om select Linux

        pack .om  -padx 10 -pady 10


       Michael J. McLennan

              Borrowed some ideas (next & previous) from OptionButton class.

       Steven B. Jaggers

              Provided an initial prototype in [incr Tcl].

       Bret Schuhmacher

              Helped with popup menu functionality.


       Alfredo Jahn


       optionmenu, widget