Provided by: liblttng-ust-dev_2.4.0-4ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       lttng-ust-dl — LTTng UST 2.x Dynamic Linker Tracing


       Launch your application with: appname

       This  LD_PRELOAD  library  causes all calls to dlopen and dlclose in the application to be
       traced with LTTng. In addition to loading this library, enabling this tracing requires the
       following two events to be enabled: "ust_baddr:push" and "ust_baddr:pop".


       The events have the following detailed definitions:

              This  event  is  used  to  trace  dlopen calls. The base address (where the dynamic
              linker has placed the shared object) is recorded in the "baddr" field. The path  to
              the shared object gets recorded in the "sopath" field (as string). The file size of
              the loaded object (in bytes) is recorded to the "size" field and its time  of  last
              modification (in seconds since Epoch) is recorded in the "mtime" field.

              This  event  is  used to trace dlclose calls. The base address of the shared object
              that got closed is recorded in the "baddr" field.


       lttng-ust(3), dlopen(3), lttng(1)


       If you encounter any issues or usability problem, please report it  on  our  mailing  list
       <> to help improve this project.


       liblttng-ust  is  distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1. The
       headers are distributed under the MIT license.

       See for more information on the LTTng project.

       Mailing list for support and development: <>.

       You can find us on IRC server (OFTC) in #lttng.


       liblttng-ust was originally written by Mathieu Desnoyers,  with  additional  contributions
       from   various   other   people.   It   is   currently  maintained  by  Mathieu  Desnoyers

                                        December 19, 2013                         LTTNG-UST-DL(3)