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       probe::ioblock.end - Fires whenever a block I/O transfer is complete.






       name - name of the probe point devname - block device name ino - i-node number of the
       mapped file bytes_done - number of bytes transferred sector - beginning sector for the
       entire bio flags - see below BIO_UPTODATE 0 ok after I/O completion BIO_RW_BLOCK 1
       RW_AHEAD set, and read/write would block BIO_EOF 2 out-out-bounds error BIO_SEG_VALID 3
       nr_hw_seg valid BIO_CLONED 4 doesn't own data BIO_BOUNCED 5 bio is a bounce bio
       BIO_USER_MAPPED 6 contains user pages BIO_EOPNOTSUPP 7 not supported error - 0 on success
       rw - binary trace for read/write request vcnt - bio vector count which represents number
       of array element (page, offset, length) which makes up this I/O request idx - offset into
       the bio vector array phys_segments - number of segments in this bio after physical address
       coalescing is performed.  hw_segments - number of segments after physical and DMA
       remapping hardware coalescing is performed size - total size in bytes


       The process signals the transfer is done.