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       rest  -  Waits  a specified number of milliseconds or yields CPU. Allegro game programming


       #include <allegro.h>

       void rest(unsigned int time);


       This function waits for the specified number of milliseconds.

       Passing 0 as parameter will not wait, but just yield. This can be useful in order to "play
       nice"  with  other  processes.  Other  values  will  cause  CPU time to be dropped on most
       platforms. This will look better to users, and also does things like saving battery  power
       and making fans less noisy.

       Note  that calling this inside your active game loop is a bad idea, as you never know when
       the OS will give you the CPU back, so you could end up missing the  vertical  retrace  and
       skipping  frames.  On the other hand, on multitasking operating systems it is good form to
       give up the CPU for a while if you will not be using it.


       install_timer(3alleg4), rest_callback(3alleg4), vsync(3alleg4), d_yield_proc(3alleg4)