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       BrushVar,  ColorVar, CompNameVar, FontVar, GravityVar, MagnifVar, ModifStatusVar, NameVar,
       PatternVar - state variable subject subclasses


       #include <Unidraw/statevars.h>


       Unidraw predefines several state variable subject subclasses: BrushVar, ColorVar, FontVar,
       and  PatternVar  store  the  graphics  state  information  their names suggest; GravityVar
       records whether gravity is in effect; MagnifVar records the current viewer  magnification;
       ModifStatusVar records whether state-modifying operations have been applied to a component
       being edited; NameVar stores a string of interest;  and  CompNameVar  is  a  NameVar  that
       stores  a  component and keeps track of its catalog name.  These variables represent state
       that is basic to graphical components and state  that  is  often  globally  accessible  in
       graphics applications.


       BrushVar(PSBrush* = nil)
       virtual PSBrush* BrushVar::GetBrush()
       virtual void BrushVar::SetBrush(PSBrush*)

       ColorVar(PSColor* = nil)
       virtual PSColor* ColorVar::GetColor()
       virtual void ColorVar::SetColor(PSColor*)

       FontVar(PSFont* = nil)
       virtual PSFont* FontVar::GetFont()
       virtual void FontVar::SetFont(PSFont*)

       PatternVar(PSPattern* = nil)
       virtual PSPattern* PatternVar::GetPattern()
       virtual void PatternVar::SetPattern(PSPattern*)
              Each  graphics  state  state  variable subclass defines a constructor that takes an
              initial value for the state it represents and adds  operations  for  assigning  and
              retrieving that state.

       GravityVar(boolean = false)
       virtual boolean GravityVar::IsActive();
       virtual void GravityVar::Activate(boolean)
              The GravityVar constructor takes an initial value that specifies whether gravity is
              on or off.  IsActive returns the current value, and Activate changes it to the  one

       MagnifVar(float = 1)
       virtual float MagnifVar::GetMagnif()
       virtual void MagnifVar::SetMagnif(float)
              The  MagnifVar constructor takes an initial value for the magnification factor, and
              SetMagnify and GetMagnif assign and return the current value.

       ModifStatusVar(Component* = nil, boolean = false)
       virtual boolean ModifStatusVar::GetModifStatus()
       virtual void ModifStatusVar::SetModifStatus(boolean)
       virtual Component* ModifStatusVar::GetComponent()
       virtual void ModifStatusVar::SetComponent(Component*)
              The ModifStatusVar constructor takes a component instance and an initial  value  as
              arguments.   The  ModifStatusVar  is  responsible  for indicating whether the given
              component  is  modified.    GetModifStatus,   SetModifStatus,   GetComponent,   and
              SetComponent  get  and  set  these  arguments.  The modification status will be set
              automatically  (in  editors  that  maintain  a  ModifStatusVar  instance)  when  an
              reversible operation is performed on the component.

       NameVar(const char* = nil)
       virtual const char* NameVar::GetName()
       virtual void NameVar::SetName(const char*)
              The  NameVar  constructor takes a string as an optional argument, while GetName and
              SetName retrieve and assign the string.

       CompNameVar(Component* = nil)
       virtual Component* CompNameVar::GetComponent()
       virtual void CompNameVar::SetComponent(Component*)
       virtual void CompNameVar::UpdateName()
       virtual const char* PartOf()
              The CompNameVar constructor takes a component as an optional argument.  CompNameVar
              inherits  the  GetName  operation  from  NameVar;  calling GetName returns the name
              associated with the component that the CompNameVar stores.   The  GetComponent  and
              SetComponent  calls  get and set the component.  UpdateName updates the string that
              GetName returns to reflect the component's catalog name.  SetComponent  calls  this
              operation  automatically  when  it  changes  the  CompNameVar's  component.  PartOf
              returns the name of the root component in the CompNameVar component's hierarchy.


       Catalog(3U), Component(3U), Editor(3U), StateVar(3U), pspaint(3U)