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       std::__basic_future< _Res > -


       Inherits std::__future_base.

       Inherited by std::future< _Res >, and std::shared_future< _Res >.

   Public Member Functions
       __basic_future (const __basic_future &)=delete
       __basic_future & operator= (const __basic_future &)=delete
       bool valid () const
       void wait () const
       template<typename _Rep , typename _Period > bool wait_for (const chrono::duration< _Rep,
           _Period > &__rel) const
       template<typename _Clock , typename _Duration > bool wait_until (const chrono::time_point<
           _Clock, _Duration > &__abs) const

   Static Public Member Functions
       template<typename _Res , typename _Allocator > static _Ptr< _Result_alloc
           < _Res, _Allocator > >::type _S_allocate_result (const _Allocator &__a)"

   Protected Types
       typedef __future_base::_Result
           < _Res > & __result_type"
       typedef shared_ptr< _State_base > __state_type

   Protected Member Functions
       __basic_future (const __state_type &__state)
       __basic_future (const shared_future< _Res > &)
       __basic_future (shared_future< _Res > &&)
       __basic_future (future< _Res > &&)
       __result_type _M_get_result ()
       void _M_swap (__basic_future &__that)

Detailed Description

   template<typename _Res>class std::__basic_future< _Res >
       Common implementation for future and shared_future.

       Definition at line 502 of file future.

Member Function Documentation

   template<typename _Res> __result_type std::__basic_future< _Res >::_M_get_result () [inline],
       Wait for the state to be ready and rethrow any stored exception.

       Definition at line 545 of file future.

       Referenced by std::future< _Res >::get(), std::future< void >::get(), and
       std::shared_future< _Res >::get().


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