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       vstoren - Write sizeof bytes (gentypen) to memory.

       void vstoren(gentypen data, size_t offset, __global gentype *p);

       void vstoren(gentypen data, size_t offset, __local gentype *p);

       void vstoren(gentypen data, size_t offset, __private gentype *p);


       Write sizeof(gentypen) bytes given by data to address (p + (offset * n)). The address
       computed as (p + (offset * n)) must be 8-bit aligned if gentype is char or uchar; 16-bit
       aligned if gentype is short, ushort, or half; 32-bit aligned if gentype is int, uint, or
       float; 64-bit aligned if gentype is long or ulong.


       Vector Data Load and Store Functions allow you to read and write vector types from a
       pointer to memory.

       The generic type gentype is used to indicate the built-in data types char, uchar, short,
       ushort, int, uint, long, ulong, float, or double.

       The generic type name gentypen represents n-element vectors of gentype elements. The
       suffix n is also used in the function names (i.e.  vloadn, vstoren, etc.), where n = 2, 3,
       4, 8, or 16.

       The results of vector data load and store functions are undefined if the address being
       read from or written to is not correctly aligned. The pointer argument p can be a pointer
       to global(3clc), local(3clc), or private(3clc) memory for store functions. The pointer
       argument p can be a pointer to __global, __local, constant(3clc) or __private memory for
       load functions.

       When extended by the cl_khr_fp16(3clc) extension, the generic type gentypen is extended to
       include half, half2, half3, half4, half8, and half16.

       vstore3, and vstore_half3 write x, y, z components from a 3-component vector to address (p
       + (offset * 3)).


       OpenCL Specification[1]




       The Khronos Group


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        1. OpenCL Specification
           page 267, section 6.12.7 - Vector Data Load and Store Functions