Provided by: 9base_6-6_i386 bug


       split - split a file into pieces


       split [ option ...  ] [ file ]


       Split reads file (standard input by default) and writes it in pieces of
       1000 lines per output file.  The names of the  output  files  are  xaa,
       xab, and so on to xzz.  The options are

       -n n   Split into n-line pieces.

       -l n   Synonym for -n n, a nod to Unix's syntax.

       -e expression
              File  divisions  occur  at  each  line  that  matches  a regular
              expression; see regexp(7).  Multiple -e options may appear.   If
              a subexpression of expression is contained in parentheses (...),
              the output file name is the portion of the  line  which  matches
              the subexpression.

       -f stem
              Use stem instead of x in output file names.

       -s suffix
              Append suffix to names identified under -e.

       -x     Exclude the matched input line from the output file.

       -i     Ignore case in option -e; force output file names (excluding the
              suffix) to lower case.




       sed(1), awk(1), grep(1), regexp(7)