Provided by: nvidia-modprobe_349.16-1_i386 bug


       nvidia-modprobe  -  Load  the  NVIDIA  kernel  module and create NVIDIA
       character device files.


       nvidia-modprobe [options]
       nvidia-modprobe [options] --create-nvidia-device-file=MINOR-NUMBER
       nvidia-modprobe [options] --module-instance=MODULE-INSTANCE


       The  nvidia-modprobe  utility  is  used  by  user-space  NVIDIA  driver
       components to make sure the NVIDIA kernel module is loaded and that the
       NVIDIA character  device  files  are  present.   These  facilities  are
       normally  provided  by Linux distribution configuration systems such as
       udev.   When  possible,  it  is   recommended   to   use   your   Linux
       distribution's native mechanisms for managing kernel module loading and
       device file creation.  This utility is provided as a fallback  to  work
       out-of-the-box in a distribution-independent way.

       When  installed  by  nvidia-installer  ,  nvidia-modprobe  is installed
       setuid root.

       Users should not normally need to  run  nvidia-modprobe  by  hand:  the
       NVIDIA  user-space  driver  components  will  fork(2)/exec(3)  it  when

       When run without any options,  nvidia-modprobe  will  load  the  NVIDIA
       kernel  module  and  then  exit.  When  the --module-instance option is
       specified   on   systems   with   multiple   NVIDIA   kernel   modules,
       nvidia-modprobe  will  load  the corresponding NVIDIA kernel module and
       then exit. When the --create-nvidia-device-file  option  is  specified,
       nvidia-modprobe will also create the requested device file.

       The source code to nvidia-modprobe is available here: ⟨ftp://⟩


       -v, --version
              Print the utility version and exit.

       -h, --help
              Print usage information for the command line options and exit.

       -c MINOR-NUMBER, --create-nvidia-device-file=MINOR-NUMBER
              Create the NVIDIA device file with the given minor number;  this
              option can be specified multiple times to create multiple NVIDIA
              device files.

       -i MODULE-INSTANCE, --module-instance=MODULE-INSTANCE
              Load the required NVIDIA kernel module that corresponds  to  the
              specified  MODULE-INSTANCE  value. The value should be between 0
              and 7.


       -u, --unified-memory
              Load the NVIDIA Unified Memory kernel module  or  create  device
              files for it, instead of the NVIDIA kernel module.


              Run `/sbin/modprobe nvidia`

       nvidia-modprobe -c 0 -c 1
              Run   `/sbin/modprobe   nvidia`   and  create  /dev/nvidia0  and

       nvidia-modprobe -i 0
              Run `/sbin/modprobe nvidia0`


       Andy Ritger
       NVIDIA Corporation


       Copyright © 2013 NVIDIA Corporation.