Provided by: libncarg-dev_6.3.0-6build1_amd64 bug


       AGUTOL - Provides a way for the user to change the user-system-to-label-system mapping for
       one or more of the four axes.




       IAXS        (an input expression of type INTEGER) is the number of the axis. The values 1,
                   2, 3, and 4 imply the left, right, bottom, and top axes, respectively.

       FUNS        (an input expression of type REAL) is the value of 'AXIS/s/FUNCTION.', which
                   may be used to select the desired mapping function for the axis IAXS. It is
                   recommended that the default value (zero) be used to specify the identity
                   mapping. The value may be integral ("1.", "2.", etc.) and serve purely to
                   select the code to be executed or it may be the value of an actual parameter
                   in the equations defining the mapping.

       IDMA        (an input expression of type INTEGER) specifies the direction of the mapping.
                   A value greater than zero indicates that VINP is a value in the user system
                   and that VOTP is to be a value in the label system, a value less than zero the
                   opposite. The mappings in one direction must be the mathematical inverses of
                   the mappings in the other direction.

       VINP        (an input expression of type REAL) is an input value in one coordinate system.

       VOTP        (an output variable of type REAL) is an output value in the other coordinate


       This routine is not called by the user program, but by Autograph itself. It defines the
       user-system-to-label-system mapping for all four axes. The default version makes the label
       system match the user system on all four axes.  The user may supply his own version of
       this routine to change the mapping on one or more of the axes. Mappings defined by the
       subroutine must be continuous and monotonic.

       Note: A user version of AGUTOL should not call any other Autograph routine.


       To use AGUTOL, load the NCAR Graphics libraries ncarg, ncarg_gks, and ncarg_c, preferably
       in that order.


       Online: autograph, agback, agbnch, agchax, agchcu, agchil, agchnl, agcurv, agdshn, aggetc,
       aggetf, aggeti, aggetp, aggetr, agpwrt, agrstr, agsave, agsetc, agsetf, agseti, agsetp,
       agsetr, agstup, anotat, displa, ezmxy, ezmy, ezxy, ezy

       Hardcopy: NCAR Graphics Fundamentals, UNIX Version


       Copyright (C) 1987-2009
       University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
       The use of this Software is governed by a License Agreement.