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     snc — National Semiconductor DP8393X SONIC Ethernet adapter driver


     device isa
     device snc


     The snc driver provides support for the National Semiconductor SONIC Ethernet adapters.


     The snc driver supports the following cards:

     ·   National Semiconductor DP83934AVQB
     ·   NEC PC-9801-83
     ·   NEC PC-9801-84
     ·   NEC PC-9801-103
     ·   NEC PC-9801-104
     ·   NEC PC-9801N-15
     ·   NEC PC-9801N-25
     ·   NEC PC-9801N-J02 PCMCIA
     ·   NEC PC-9801N-J02R PCMCIA

     The snc driver also includes support for the National Semiconductor NS46C46 as 64 * 16 bits
     Microwave Serial EEPROM.


     Accessing SONIC card data structures and registers as 32 bit values makes code endianness
     independent.  The SONIC is however always in big-endian mode so it is necessary to ensure
     that data structures shared between the CPU and the SONIC card are always in big-endian
     order.  The snc driver supports the PC-98 C-Bus, and PnP buses.  Support is also provided
     for the legacy C-Bus.


     The following driver specific error messages may be reported:

     snc%d: snc_nec16_register_irq: unsupported irq (%d)  The card returned an IRQ which is not
     supported by the driver.

     snc%d: invalid packet length %d bytes  An attempt to transfer a data packet failed due to an
     invalid packet length.


     netintro(4), bus_alloc_resource_any(9)


     The snc driver was ported from NetBSD by Motomichi Matsuzaki <> and
     Hiroshi Yamashita <>.  It first appeared in FreeBSD 4.2.  This
     manual page first appeared in FreeBSD 5.3.


     This manual page was written by Tom Rhodes <>.


     Currently the snc driver only works on the PC-98 architecture.  It should probably work on
     the i386 architecture as well.