Provided by: eurephia_1.1.0-5_amd64 bug


       eurephia_saltdecode - Debug utility for eurephia


       eurephia_saltdecode <password hash salt>


       This  program  will  decode  the  given  eurephia password hash.  To be able to decode the
       information correctly you will need to know the  password  for  the  hash.   The  salt  is
       scrambled  by  using  data  from  the  users  password  and  with  the  wrong password the
       information will be decoded wrong.

       Only the first 8 bytes of the password hash is needed.


       user@host: ~ $ eurephia_saltdecode 4d93ea21

       You will need to give the correct password for this salt.  If you give the wrong password,
       the decoded information will be wrong.

       Password: .........

       Salt length: 32 Hash rounds: 21763

       user@host: ~ $


       Copyright (C) 2009-2012  David Sommerseth <>