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       gammu-smsd-odbc  - gammu-smsd(1) backend using ODBC abstraction layer to use any supported
       database as a message storage


       New in version 1.29.92.

       ODBC backend stores all data in any database  supported  by  ODBC,  which  parameters  are
       defined by configuration (see gammu-smsdrc for description of configuration options).

       For tables description see gammu-smsd-tables.

       This backend is based on gammu-smsd-sql.


       On Microsoft Windows, Gammu uses native ODBC, on other platforms, unixODBC can be used.


       Due  to  limits of the ODBC interface, you might have to tweak SQL queries to work in used
       SQL server, see SQL Queries for more details.

       Partially this can be configured using SQL.


       Before running gammu-smsd you need to create necessary tables in the database. You can use
       examples given in database specific backends parts of this manual to do that.

       You  specify data source name (DSN) as Host in gammu-smsdrc. The data source is configured
       depending on your platform.

       On   Microsoft   Windows,   you   can   find   instructions    on    Microsoft    website:

       For      unixODBC      this      is      documented      in      the      user     manual:


       Example configuration:

          service = sql
          driver = odbc
          host = dsn_of_your_database
          sql = sql_variant_to_use
          user = username
          password = password

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