Provided by: isdnactivecards_3.9.20060704-11build1_amd64 bug


       actctrl - configure IBM Active 2000 ISDN adaptor


       actctrl [-d Driver-Id] action options ...


       actctrl  is  used  to setup the IBM Active 2000 ISDN device driver and for downloading the
       firmware into the ISDN card.

       The use of actctrl makes sense, if you are using an IBM Active 2000 card only.


       -d Driver-Id
              selects the S0 interface named by Driver-Id.  Driver-Ids are defined during  driver
              initialisation.  See  act2000(4)  for  a  description  of the syntax to be used for
              modularized and monolithic driver versions.  This option must be used  to  identify
              the  S0 interface if more than one S0 interface is existent. If a single IBM Active
              2000 is used, it may be omitted.  If using more than  one  card,  support  for  the
              other  cards  is  enabled  with  the  add action of actctrl. Ids may not start with
              digits or small x, because these values are misinterpreted as numeric parameters by
              insmod.   For loading the module, always the newest modutils package should be used
              to avoid problems during load.

       The following actions may be given to actctrl.

       add [bus[ port[ irq[ id]]]]
              enables support for an additional card  in  the  driver.   bus  is  is  an  integer
              describing  the  bus-type  of  the card. Currently, the only value which is allowed
              here is 1 meaning ISA-bus. In the future, the values 2 (for MCA) and 3 (for PCMCIA)
              will  be  available.   port  is  either an integer describing the base port, or the
              string auto which enables autoprobing.  irq is either an integer describing the IRQ
              to  use, the string auto, which enables grabbing of the next free IRQ or the string
              none which enables polled mode for this  card.   id  is  an  arbitrary  string  for
              referencing the card at a later time.

       dproto protocol [msn0,msn1, ... msn9]
              selects  the D-channel protocol and defines MSN's if using Euro protocol.  protocol
              may be either the string 1tr6 or the string euro.  If selecting  Euro  protocol,  a
              comma-separated list of up to 10 MSN's may be appended. For defining an empty entry
              in this list, use a dash.

       load firmware
              downloads the firmware into the card and starts operation.  Usually the images  are
              located in '/lib/firmware/isdn'.  The firmware is named bip1120.bpl.

       dump   is  available if the program is configured using the --enable-dump option only. The
              contents of internal driver variables is dumped on stdout.


              This is the image of the firmware designed for both the German  1TR6  protocol  and
              Euro ISDN.


       No bugs so far.


       © 1997 by Fritz Elfert <>


       isdnctrl(8), act2000(4), isdnctrl(4), ttyI(4).