Provided by: pacemaker-cli-utils_1.1.14-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       Pacemaker - Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager


       attrd_updater command -n attribute [options]


       attrd_updater - Tool for updating cluster node attributes


       -?, --help
              This text

       -$, --version
              Version information

       -V, --verbose
              Increase debug output

       -n, --name=value
              The attribute's name

       -U, --update=value
              Update the attribute's value in attrd.  If this causes the value to change, it will
              also be updated in the cluster configuration

       -Q, --query
              Query the attribute's value from attrd

       -D, --delete
              Delete the attribute in attrd.  If a value was previously  set,  it  will  also  be
              removed from the cluster configuration

       -R, --refresh
              (Advanced) Force the attrd daemon to resend all current values to the CIB

   Additional options:
       -d, --delay=value
              The time to wait (dampening) in seconds for further changes before writing

       -s, --set=value
              (Advanced) The attribute set in which to place the value

       -N, --node=value
              Set the attribute for the named node (instead of the local one)

       -A, --all
              Show values of the attribute for all nodes (query only)

       -l, --lifetime=value
              (Deprecated) Lifetime of the node attribute (silently ignored by cluster)

       -p, --private
              If this creates a new attribute, never write the attribute to the CIB


       Written by Andrew Beekhof


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