Provided by: auth2db_0.2.5-2+dfsg-5ubuntu1_all bug


       auth2db - log parser utility for Auth2DB suite


       auth2db  properly  performs  the  log  parsing task itself, matching to regular expresions
       given in 'filters.conf' file.

       auth2db is one of the most important pieces of Auth2DB suite.

       auth2db is managed by Auth2DB Debian conf files 'auth It is not  a  standalone  neither  a
       command line tool.

       Just  for  the record, Alert feature is a separated work done by auth2db-alert(8).  If you
       chose not to configure Auth2DB or to disable Alert feature, you are encorage to use 'dpkg-
       reconfigure auth2db' in case you want to enable.

       You can find this settings in '/etc/defaults/auth2db'.

       For mor information, check '/usr/share/doc/auth2db'


       /etc/defaults/auth2db, /etc/init.d/auth2db, /etc/auth2db/auth2db.conf,


       This manpage was writen by Ulises Vitulli <> for the Debian project