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       bosskill - send a signal to your boss, or terminate your boss


       bosskill [ -signal ] <bossname>


       bosskill  sends  the  TERM (terminate, 15) signal to the boss with the specified bossname.
       If a signal name or number preceded by `-' is given as the first argument, that signal  is
       sent  instead  of  terminate.  The  killed  boss  must  be  in  the system administrator's
       supervisory chain.

       The following is a list of all signals with names as in the include file <signal.h>:

       SIGHUP    1    hangup. Forces bossname to re-read his/her job description and  figure  out
                      that he/she knows squat about sysadmin work or life, in general.

       SIGINT    2     interrupt.  Prevents  the  bossname from interrupting the sysadmin for one

       SIGQUIT   3    quit. Causes the boss to quit his/her job with no explanation.

       SIGILL    4    illegal instruction. Makes the boss believe  the  last  instruction  he/she
                      gave was illegal, so he/she withdraws it.

       SIGTRAP   5    trace trap. Display the exact location of the boss.

       SIGABRT   6    abort. Makes the boss go home and try again tomorrow.

       SIGKILL   9    kill. Game over.

       SIGBUS    10   bus error. Boss's transportation fails on the way to work.

       SIGSEGV   11    segmentation violation. Boss realizes he/she is trying to do something for
                      which he/she is not quailified and stops.

       SIGSYS    12   bad argument. Boss loses.

       SIGPIPE   13   smoke pipe. Boss samples some green leafy substance and mellows out.

       SIGALRM   14   alarm. Boss is startled and falls over. Best used when boss is walking next
                      to his/her boss.

       SIGTERM   15   termination signal. Boss is fired.


       Sending  a  SIGABRT to a boss that is already home will cause him/her to walk aimlessly in
       circles for two hours.


       Written by Eric L. Pederson <>.

                                        27 September 1995                             BOSSKILL(8)