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       daptup - plugin for apt[itude] and cupt to list repository changes


       daptup ( --pre | --post | --last ) [ -h | --help ] [ --nocolor ]


       --pre  Do  only  'pre'  stage: collect info that will be used as 'old'. Usually need to be
              specified only in apt hooks.

       --post Do only 'post' stage: collect 'new' info and (if appropriate option is  enabled  in
              config file) output changes. Usually need to be specified only in apt hooks.

       --last Output  changes  only. This option is supposed to be specified when you want to see
              changes made in the last update. Note that list of outdated packages, if daptup  is
              configured to output it, will be rebuilt.

       -h --help
              prints the help

              Disables color output, useful for scripts or when output is not terminal. Now works
              only with --last option, however, you can disable color globally  in  configuration

       daptup  is  a  script  that  outputs  list  of  packages recently entered to repo, list of
       packages which got new updates, list of changes in  'watched'  packages  and,  optionally,
       list of outdated packages.

       Starting  with  0.8.0 version, daptup uses apt hooks and you don't need to explicitly call
       it. It will be called automatically by all the supported package managers.


       If daptup was interrupted  while  building  the  lists,  the  cached  lists  can  stay  in
       inconsistent state, which is inappropriate if you want to use --last option before the new
       update. There is nothing to do if interrupt occurred at the moment  when  old  lists  were
       building  (besides  running  the  new update). However, if interrupt occurred when the new
       lists were building, you can easily redo this stage by calling 'daptup --post'.


              self-documented configuration file

              cached file with info about outdated packages


       apt-get(8), aptitude(8), cupt(1)


       daptup was written by Eugene V. Lyubimkin.

       This manual page was written by Eugene V. Lyubimkin <>,  for  the  Debian
       project (but may be used by others).

                                           Jan 5, 2013                                  DAPTUP(8)