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       nvidia-persistenced - A daemon to maintain persistent software state in
       the NVIDIA driver.




       The nvidia-persistenced utility is used to enable  persistent  software
       state  in  the  NVIDIA  driver.   When persistence mode is enabled, the
       daemon prevents the driver from releasing device state when the  device
       is  not  in  use.   This can improve the startup time of new clients in
       this scenario.


       -v, --version
              Print the utility version and exit.

       -h, --help
              Print usage information for the command line options and exit.

       -V, --verbose
              Controls  how  much  information   is   printed.   By   default,
              nvidia-persistenced  will  only  print  errors  and  warnings to
              syslog for unexpected events, as well as  startup  and  shutdown
              notices.  Specifying this flag will cause nvidia-persistenced to
              also print notices to syslog on state transitions, such as  when
              persistence  mode  is  enabled  or  disabled,  and informational
              messages on startup and exit.

       -u USERNAME, --user=USERNAME
              Runs nvidia-persistenced with the user permissions of  the  user
              specified  by  the  USERNAME argument. This user must have write
              access to the /var/run/nvidia-persistenced  directory.  If  this
              directory  does  not  exist, nvidia-persistenced will attempt to
              create it prior to changing the process user and group IDs.

       --persistence-mode, --no-persistence-mode
              By default, nvidia-persistenced  starts  with  persistence  mode
              disabled  for  all  devices.  Use  '--persistence-mode' to force
              persistence mode on for all devices on startup.

              The nvidia-cfg library is used to communicate  with  the  NVIDIA
              kernel  module  to  query  and  manage  GPUs in the system. This
              library is required by nvidia-persistenced.  This  option  tells
              nvidia-persistenced  where  to look for this library (in case it
              cannot find it on its own). This option should normally  not  be


       When  installed  by nvidia-installer , sample init scripts to start the
       daemon for some of the more prevalent init systems are installed as the
       compressed     tarball     /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/sample/nvidia-
       persistenced-init.tar.bz2.  These init scripts should be customized  to
       the  user's  distribution  and  installed in the proper location by the
       user to run nvidia-persistenced on system initialization.

       Once the init script is installed so that the daemon is running,  users
       should not normally need to manually interact with nvidia-persistenced:
       the NVIDIA management utilities, such as  nvidia-smi,  can  communicate
       with it automatically as necessary to manage persistence mode.

       The  daemon  does not require root privileges to run, and may safely be
       run  as  an  unprivileged  user,  given  that  its  runtime  directory,
       /var/run/nvidia-persistenced,  is  created  for  and owned by that user
       prior to starting the daemon.  nvidia-persistenced also  requires  read
       and  write  access  to  the  NVIDIA  character  device  files.   If the
       permissions of the device files have been altered through  any  of  the
       NVreg_DeviceFileUID,   NVreg_DeviceFile_GID,   or  NVreg_DeviceFileMode
       NVIDIA kernel module options, nvidia-persistenced will need to run as a
       suitable user.

       If the daemon is started with root privileges, the --user option may be
       used instead to indicate that the daemon should drop its privileges and
       run  as  the  specified  user  after  setting up its runtime directory.
       Using this option may cause the daemon  to  be  unable  to  remove  the
       /var/run/nvidia-persistenced  directory  when  it  is  killed,  if  the
       specified user does not have write permissions to  /var/run.   In  this
       case,  directory  removal should be handled by a post-execution script.
       See      the      sample      init      scripts       provided       in
       for examples of this behavior.

       The daemon  indirectly  utilizes  nvidia-modprobe  via  the  nvidia-cfg
       library  to  load  the  NVIDIA  kernel  module  and  create  the NVIDIA
       character  device  files  after  the  daemon  has  dropped   its   root
       privileges,  if  it  had  any to begin with.  If nvidia-modprobe is not
       installed, the daemon may not be able to start properly if  it  is  not
       run with root privileges.

       The source code to nvidia-persistenced is available here: ⟨ftp://⟩


              Starts the  NVIDIA  Persistence  Daemon  with  persistence  mode
              disabled for all NVIDIA devices.

       nvidia-persistenced --persistence-mode
              Starts  the  NVIDIA  Persistence  Daemon  with  persistence mode
              enabled for all NVIDIA devices.

       nvidia-persistenced --user=foo
              Starts the NVIDIA Persistence Daemon so that it will run as user


       Will Davis
       NVIDIA Corporation


       nvidia-smi(1), nvidia-modprobe(1)


       Copyright © 2013 NVIDIA Corporation.