Provided by: antpm_1.17-2_amd64 bug


       gant - console based ANT+ information retrieval client for Garmin GPS products


       gant [ OPTIONS ]


       gant  is  a  small command-line utility to retrieve information (sports tracks, etc.) from
       Garmin GPS products over the wireless ANT/ANT+ protocols. Currently supported devices  are
       the Forerunner 405.


       -a authfile
              Provide authfile (default ~/.gant).

       -f name
              Assign a name to the ANT device. (default garmin)

       -d devno
              ttyUSB devno Device no. (default 0)

       -i id  ID for pairing (default random)

       -m mydev
              (default 0)

       -p     Passive

       -v     Verbose

       -D level

       -r     Reset the device

       -n     Do not write auth file

       -z     Do not pair

   Help options
       -h     Show command line options.


       Put 405 in pairing mode gant -f paul -a auth405

       This gives your garmin a name of "paul" and an auth file of "auth405" The 405 will ask you
       if you wish to pair with "paul". Obviously you might want to use a different name :)

       Download with: gant -nza auth405 > output

       or -Dnza if you want lots of debug output

       It doesn't seem to be very reliable at starting the download and  I  haven't  investigated
       why  yet.  So, if it doesn't start downloading press ctrl-c and try again. I find it helps
       to take the watch out of power save mode.

       If you've already downloaded the data, then you'll need to set "force send" to yes on  the

       Compare output with .TCX file produce by windows ANT Agent.


            HOWTO USE gant

       1.  plugin  your  ANT+ stick 2. the system will load the kernel module "cp210x" 3. to find
       out what ttyUSB device is used run

              # dmesg|grep "cp210x converter"
              [...] cp210x 3-1:1.0: cp210x converter detected
              [...] usb 3-1: cp210x converter now attached to ttyUSB3

       In this case you have to use the optione "-d 3". If it is ttyUSB0 then you don't need  the
       -d  option  because  0  is  the  default  4.  put  the  watch  into  paring  mode (menu ->
       configuration -> ANT+ ->
          computer -> pairing on) 5. pair the computer with the watch ("mywatch" as name for  the
       watch and
          the file "auth405" as an authorization file which will be created)

              # gant -d 3 -f mywatch -a auth405

       6. download saved tracks from the watch

              # gant -d 3 -f mywatch -nza auth405

       You get the possible options with

              # gant -h

       To convert the downloaded TCX file (e.g. 2011-07-22-123456.tcx) you can use gpsbabel:

              # gpsbabel -t -i gtrnctr -f 2011-07-22-123456.tcx -o gpx -F 2011-07-22-123456.gpx

       -- 2011-07-22 Noèl Köthe <>


       Wireless  ANT  communications  happens  over  a  USB2ANT dongle. Under Linux the dongle is
       driven by cp210x kernel module,  and  presented  to  user-space  as  a  USB  serial  port,
       /dev/ttyUSBxxx  where  xxx  is an integer. The dongle is typically carrying the USB vendor
       id/product id pair of 0fcf/1004 or 0fcf/1008. Recent Linux systems employ udev  to  handle
       device nodes and permissions, thus appropriate


       /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/usb/serial/cp210x.ko
              Kernel driver module for USB2ANT dongle.

              Serial device created for dongle.

              Default authentication file.


       gant  was  written  by,  Wali  and This man page is
       Copyright © 2013 Kristóf Ralovich.