Provided by: cassiopee_1.0.3+dfsg-3_amd64 bug


       cassiopee - manual page for Cassiopee Version 1.0


       cassiopee [Options] <sequence>


       -l: maximum index depth / maximum pattern size

       -u: save index for later use

       -s: sequence to index

       -p: pattern to search

       -f: file containing pattern to search

       -o: output file

       -r: apply tree reduction

       -m: search mode: 0=DNA, 1=RNA, 2=Protein

       -a: allow alphabet ambiguity search

       -n: max consecutive N allowed matches in search

       -e: max substitution allowed matches in search

       -i: max indel allowed matches in search

       -g: generates a dot file of the graph

       -d: max depth of the graph

       -t: output format: 0:tsv (default), 1:json

       -x: minimum position in sequence

       -y: maximum position in sequence

       -v: show version

       -h: show this message