Provided by: cligh_0.2-3_all bug


       cligh - manage GitHub from console


       cligh [-h] {configure,collab,issue,repo} [ARGS]

       cligh configure [-h]

       cligh collab [-h] {list,add,remove} [ARGS]

       cligh issue [-h] {list,get,close,open,comment,add_label,remove_label} [ARGS]

       cligh repo [-h] {list,create,fork,add_label,remove_label} [ARGS]

       cligh collab list [-h] [--repository REPOSITORY]

       cligh collab add [-h] [--repository REPOSITORY] USER

       cligh collab remove [-h] [--repository REPOSITORY] USER

       cligh issue list [-h] [--status STATUS] [--repository REPOSITORY]

       cligh issue get [-h] [--repository REPOSITORY] NUMBER

       cligh issue close [-h] [--repository REPOSITORY] NUMBER

       cligh issue open [-h] [--repository REPOSITORY] TITLE

       cligh issue add_label [-h] [--repository REPOSITORY] NUMBER LABEL

       cligh issue remove_label [-h] [--repository REPOSITORY] NUMBER LABEL

       cligh repo list [-h] USER

       cligh repo create [-h]

       cligh repo fork [-h] REPOSITORY

       cligh repo add_label [-h] [--repository REPOSITORY] LABEL

       cligh repo remove_label [-h] [--repository REPOSITORY] LABEL


              show command or subcommand usage --repository
       repository to operate on in <user>/<repository> format


       This  manual  page  is  written  by  Dmitry  Bogatov for Debian project but can be used by


       Christopher Brannon; William Hubbs.