Provided by: htcondor_8.4.2~dfsg.1-1build1_amd64 bug


       condor_gather_info Gather - information about an HTCondor installation and a queued job


       condor_gather_info[ -- jobidClusterId.ProcId] [ -- scratch/path/to/directory]


       condor_gather_infois  a Linux-only tool that will collect and output information about the
       machine it is run upon,  about  the  HTCondor  installation  local  to  the  machine,  and
       optionally  about  a specified HTCondor job. The information gathered by this tool is most
       often used as a debugging aid for the developers of HTCondor.

       Without the  --  jobidoption,  information  about  the  local  machine  and  its  HTCondor
       installation  is  gathered  and  placed  into the file called  condor-profile.txt , in the
       current working directory. The information gathered is under the category of Identity.

       With the  -- jobidoption, additional information is gathered about the job  given  in  the
       command line argument and identified by its  ClusterId and  ProcId ClassAd attributes. The
       information includes both categories, Identity and Job information.  As  the  quantity  of
       information  can  be extensive, this information is placed into a compressed tar file. The
       file is placed into the current working directory, and it is named using the format


       All  values  within   <>  are  substituted  with  current  values.  The  building  of this
       potentially large tar file can require a fair  amount  of  temporary  space.  If  the   --
       scratchoption  is  specified, it identifies a directory in which to build the tar file. If
       the  -- scratchoption is notspecified, then the directory will be  /tmp/cgi-<PID> ,  where
       the process ID is that of the condor_gather_infoexecutable.

       The information gathered by this tool:

          1. Identity

             * User name who generated the report

             * Script location and machine name

             * Date of report creation

             *  uname -a

             * Contents of  /etc/issue

             * Contents of  /etc/redhat-release

             * Contents of  /etc/debian_version

             * Contents of  $(LOG)/MasterLog

             * Contents of  $(LOG)/ShadowLog

             * Contents of  $(LOG)/SchedLog

             * Output of  ps -auxww -forest

             * Output of  df -h

             * Output of  iptables -L

             * Output of  ls `condor_config_val LOG`

             * Output of  ldd `condor_config_val SBIN`/condor_schedd

             * Contents of  /etc/hosts

             * Contents of  /etc/nsswitch.conf

             * Output of  ulimit -a

             * Output of  uptime

             * Output of  free

             * Network interface configuration ( ifconfig )

             * HTCondor version

             * Location of HTCondor configuration files

             * HTCondor configuration variables

                * All variables and values

                * Definition locations for each configuration variable

          2. Job Information

             * Output of  condor_q jobid

             * Output of  condor_q -l jobid

             * Output of  condor_q -analyze jobid

             * Job event log, if it exists

                * Only events pertaining to the job ID

             *  If  condor_gather_info  has the proper permissions, it runs condor_fetchlogon the
             machine where the job most recently ran, and includes the contents of the logs  from
             the condor_master, condor_startd, and condor_starter.


       --jobid <ClusterId.ProcId>

          Data  mine information about this HTCondor job from the local HTCondor installation and

       --scratch /path/to/directory

          A path to temporary space needed  when  building  the  output  tar  file.  Defaults  to
          /tmp/cgi-<PID> , where  <PID> is replaced by the process ID of condor_gather_info .


          *    condor-profile.txt   The   Identity  portion  of  the  information  gathered  when
          condor_gather_info is run without arguments.

          The output file which contains all of the information produced by this tool.

Exit Status

       condor_gather_infowill exit with a status value of 0 (zero) upon success, and it will exit
       with the value 1 (one) upon failure.


       Center for High Throughput Computing, University of Wisconsin-Madison


       Copyright   (C)   1990-2015  Center  for  High  Throughput  Computing,  Computer  Sciences
       Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI. All  Rights  Reserved.  Licensed
       under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

                                          February 2016                     condor_gather_info(1)