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       mtxrun --script context [ OPTIONS ...  ] [ FILENAMES ]


       ConTeXt Process Management


       --run  process (one or more) files (default action)

       --make create context formats

              use ctx file (process management specification)

              use specified user interface (default: en)

              close pdf file in viewer and start pdf viewer afterwards

              purge files either or not after a run (--pattern=...)

              purge all files either or not after a run (--pattern=...)

              load the given module or style, normally part of the distribution

              load the given environment file first (document styles)

              enable given the modes (conditional processing in styles)

              also consult the given paths when files are looked for

              set variables that can be consulted during a run (key/value pairs)

              set the randomseed

              rename the resulting output to the given name

              set tracker variables (show list with --showtrackers)

              set directive variables (show list with --showdirectives)

              disable logcatgories (show list with --showlogcategories)

              disable logging to the console (logfile only)

              purge result file before run

              force xml stub

              force cld (context lua document) stub

              force lua stub (like texlua)

              force mp stub

              run extra imposition pass, given that the style sets up imposition

              ignore imposition specifications in the style

       --jit  use luajittex with jit turned off (only use the faster virtual machine)

              use luajittex with jit turned on (in most cases not faster, even slower)

       --once only run once (no multipass data file is produced)

       --runs process at most this many times

              process this many times (permits for optimization trial runs)

              run without stopping and do not show messages on the console

              run without stopping

              run with synctex enabled (optional value: zipped, unzipped, 1, -1)

              generate file database etc. (as luatools does)

              do not descend to .. and ../..

              report installed context version

              assume given file present elsewhere

              use dummy file as jobname


              update   context   version   number  (also  provide  --expert,  optionally  provide

              omit runtime statistics at the end of the run

              update context from website (not to be confused with contextgarden)

              profile job (use: mtxrun --script profile --analyze)

              generate timing and statistics overview

              keep previous tuc files (jobname-tuc-[run].tmp)

              keep previous log files (jobname-log-[run].tmp)

              process extra (mtx-context-... in distribution)

              show extras


              process file with texexec using pdftex

              process file with texexec using xetex

       --mkii process file with texexec

       --pipe do not check for file and enter scroll mode (--dummyfile=whatever.tmp)

              process file in a limited environment


       More information about ConTeXt and the tools that come with it can be found at:

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