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       convert2syrthes4 - Convert mesh files to SYRTHES format


       convert2syrthes4 [-dim dimension] -m mesh1.ext [-o mesh2.syr]


       This manual page documents briefly the convert2syrthes4 command.

       convert2syrthes4 can convert mesh files from GAMBIT, GMSH, MED, SIMAIL or IDEAS to SYRTHES

       A detailed documentation is available at <>


       -dim dimension
                   With dimension = 2 or 3. This option is requested for the  GMSH  file  format,
                   and ignored otherwise.

       -m mesh1.ext
                   Specify  the mesh file to convert. The mesh format is inferred from the file's
                   * .neu (GAMBIT format)
                   * .msh (GMSH format)
                   * .med (MED format)
                   * .des (SIMAIL format)
                   * .unv (IDEAS universal file format)
                   Note: For MED format,  convert2syrthes4  creates  an  additionnal  ASCII  file
                   (..._desc)  where  you will find the correspondances between group names (used
                   in Salome) and family (or references) numbers used in SYRTHES

       -o mesh2.syr
                   To change the name of the output file.


       convert2syrthes4 -m
              --> square.syr + square.syr_desc

       convert2syrthes4 -m square.neu
              --> square.syr

       convert2syrthes4 -m square.des
              --> square.syr

       convert2syrthes4 -m square.unv
              --> square.syr

       convert2syrthes4 -m square.msh -dim 2
              --> square.syr

       convert2syrthes4 -m -o square2.syr
              --> square2.syr + square2.syr_desc


       Syrthes was written by EDF S.A. <>

       This manual page was written by Gilles  Filippini  <>  for  Debian
       from the convert2syrthes4 README.txt file.

                                        February 10, 2011                      CONVERT2SYRTHES(1)