Provided by: wcstools_3.9.2-5_amd64 bug


       cphead - AME


       cphead [-v][-d dir][-p num] ... filen.fits kw1 kw2 ... kwn


       Copy FITS or IRAF header keyword values from first file to others

              or  :  cphead  [-v][-d dir][-p num] @filelist kw1 kw2 ... kwn or : cphead
              [-v][-d dir][-p num] @filelist @kwlist -a: Replace  header  of  2nd  file
              with  that from first -d: Root directory for input files (default is cwd) -h: Write
              HISTORY line -k: Write CPHEAD keyword -n: Write  a  new  file  (add  e  before  the
              extension)  -p: Number of decimal places in numeric output -v: Verbose -w: Copy all
              WCS keywords