Provided by: dds2tar_2.5.2-7_amd64 bug


       dds-dd - tool to read a dds device.


       dds-dd [ -f device ]


       dds-dd  reads  a dds tape devices (DAT). Every block is read and written to stdout. A tape
       with unknown block size or blocks of different size can be read.

       The default device is /dev/rmt0, which may be overridden  with  the  environment  variable
       TAPE,  which  in  turn  may  be overridden with the -f device option. The device must be a
       character special file.


       -f device
              Device of the tape archive (default is /dev/rmt0).  Must  be  a  character  special
              file connected to a dds tape device.

              Print the version number of mt-dds to stderr and exit immediately.

       --help print  some  screens  of  online  help  with  examples  through  a  pager  and exit


       Example: Read the tape and make a listing:
                 dds-dd | tar ft -

       Example: Read the tape and make a listing:
                 dds-dd | cpio -it


       The environment variable TAPE overrides the default tape device /dev/rmt0.

       SEE ALSO
              dds2tar(1), dds2index(1), mt(1), tar(1)


       This program was created to use it in conjunction with dds2tar.


       J"org Weule  (,  Phone  +49  211  751409.   This  software  is
       available at

                                               2.4                                      dds-dd(1)