Provided by: doris_4.06~beta2+dfsg-3_amd64 bug


       doris - interferometric processor for SAR SLC data


       doris infile
       doris -h [term]
       doris [options]


       This manual page documents briefly the doris command.

       doris  (Delft  object-oriented  radar  interferometric  software)  is  an  Interferometric
       Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) processor developed  by  the  Delft  Institute  of  Earth
       Observation and Space Systems of Delft University of Technology.
       Interferometric products and endproducts such as Digital Elevation Models and displacement
       maps can be generated with this software from Single Look Complex data.
       Data from the satellites ERS, ENVISAT (first ENVISAT interferogram, DEM,  and  perspective
       view), JERS (first JERS interferogram), and RADARSAT (first RADARSAT interferogram) can be
       processed with the Doris software.


       A summary of options is included below.

       infile Input file for doris.

       -h [term]
              Call "helpdoris" (script with searchable help).

       -v     Return version number.

       -c     Return copyright notice.

       -q     Return random quote (not so random).


       rundoris(1), plotcpm(1), plotoffsets(1).
       The DORIS User Manual, available in /usr/share/doc/doris-doc.


       doris was written by Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.

       This manual page was written by Antonio Valentino <>, for  the
       Debian project (and may be used by others).

                                        November  1, 2010                                DORIS(1)