Provided by: drc_3.2.1~dfsg0-1_amd64 bug


       drc - a program for acoustic compensation of audio systems


       drc [options] DRCFile
       DRCFile is name of DRC configration file


       This  manual page documents briefly the drc program.  This manual page was written for the
       Debian distribution because the original program does not have a manual page.

       drc is program used to generate correction filters for acoustic compensation of  HiFi  and
       audio systems in general, including listening room compensation.
        Program  generates just the FIR correction filters, which can be used with a real time or
       offline convolver to provide real time or offline correction.

       drc doesn't provide convolution features, and  provides  only  some  simplified,  although
       really accurate, measuring tools.


              Show the full options list

         --BCBaseDir                    <STRING>
         --BCInFile                     <STRING>
         --BCInFileType                 <STRING>
         --BCSampleRate                 <INTEGER>
         --BCImpulseCenterMode          <STRING>
         --BCImpulseCenter              <INTEGER>
         --BCInitWindow                 <INTEGER>
         --BCPreWindowLen               <INTEGER>
         --BCPreWindowGap               <INTEGER>
         --BCNormFactor                 <FLOAT>
         --BCNormType                   <STRING>
         --MCFilterType                 <STRING>
         --MCInterpolationType          <STRING>
         --MCMultExponent               <INTEGER>
         --MCFilterLen                  <INTEGER>
         --MCNumPoints                  <INTEGER>
         --MCPointsFile                 <STRING>
         --MCMagType                    <STRING>
         --MCFilterFile                 <STRING>
         --MCFilterFileType             <STRING>
         --MCOutWindow                  <INTEGER>
         --MCNormFactor                 <FLOAT>
         --MCNormType                   <STRING>
         --MCOutFile                    <STRING>
         --MCOutFileType                <STRING>
         --BCDLType                     <STRING>
         --BCDLMinGain                  <FLOAT>
         --BCDLStartFreq                <FLOAT>
         --BCDLEndFreq                  <FLOAT>
         --BCDLStart                    <FLOAT>
         --BCDLMultExponent             <INTEGER>
         --HDMultExponent               <INTEGER>
         --HDMPNormFactor               <FLOAT>
         --HDMPNormType                 <STRING>
         --HDMPOutFile                  <STRING>
         --HDMPOutFileType              <STRING>
         --HDEPNormFactor               <FLOAT>
         --HDEPNormType                 <STRING>
         --HDEPOutFile                  <STRING>
         --HDEPOutFileType              <STRING>
         --MPPrefilterType              <STRING>
         --MPPrefilterFctn              <STRING>
         --MPWindowGap                  <INTEGER>
         --MPLowerWindow                <INTEGER>
         --MPUpperWindow                <INTEGER>
         --MPStartFreq                  <FLOAT>
         --MPEndFreq                    <FLOAT>
         --MPWindowExponent             <FLOAT>
         --MPFilterLen                  <INTEGER>
         --MPFSharpness                 <FLOAT>
         --MPBandSplit                  <INTEGER>
         --MPHDRecover                  <STRING>
         --MPEPPreserve                 <STRING>
         --MPHDMultExponent             <INTEGER>
         --MPPFFinalWindow              <INTEGER>
         --MPPFNormFactor               <FLOAT>
         --MPPFNormType                 <STRING>
         --MPPFOutFile                  <STRING>
         --MPPFOutFileType              <STRING>
         --DLType                       <STRING>
         --DLMinGain                    <FLOAT>
         --DLStartFreq                  <FLOAT>
         --DLEndFreq                    <FLOAT>
         --DLStart                      <FLOAT>
         --DLMultExponent               <INTEGER>
         --EPPrefilterType              <STRING>
         --EPPrefilterFctn              <STRING>
         --EPWindowGap                  <INTEGER>
         --EPLowerWindow                <INTEGER>
         --EPUpperWindow                <INTEGER>
         --EPStartFreq                  <FLOAT>
         --EPEndFreq                    <FLOAT>
         --EPWindowExponent             <FLOAT>
         --EPFilterLen                  <INTEGER>
         --EPFSharpness                 <FLOAT>
         --EPBandSplit                  <INTEGER>
         --EPPFFlatGain                 <FLOAT>
         --EPPFOGainFactor              <FLOAT>
         --EPPFFlatType                 <STRING>
         --EPPFFGMultExponent           <INTEGER>
         --EPPFFinalWindow              <INTEGER>
         --EPPFNormFactor               <FLOAT>
         --EPPFNormType                 <STRING>
         --EPPFOutFile                  <STRING>
         --EPPFOutFileType              <STRING>
         --PCOutWindow                  <INTEGER>
         --PCNormFactor                 <FLOAT>
         --PCNormType                   <STRING>
         --PCOutFile                    <STRING>
         --PCOutFileType                <STRING>
         --ISType                       <STRING>
         --ISPETType                    <STRING>
         --ISPrefilterFctn              <STRING>
         --ISPELowerWindow              <INTEGER>
         --ISPEUpperWindow              <INTEGER>
         --ISPEStartFreq                <INTEGER>
         --ISPEEndFreq                  <INTEGER>
         --ISPEFilterLen                <INTEGER>
         --ISPEFSharpness               <FLOAT>
         --ISPEBandSplit                <INTEGER>
         --ISPEWindowExponent           <FLOAT>
         --ISPEOGainFactor              <FLOAT>
         --ISSMPMultExponent            <INTEGER>
         --ISOutWindow                  <INTEGER>
         --ISNormFactor                 <FLOAT>
         --ISNormType                   <STRING>
         --ISOutFile                    <STRING>
         --ISOutFileType                <STRING>
         --PTType                       <STRING>
         --PTReferenceWindow            <INTEGER>
         --PTDLType                     <STRING>
         --PTDLMinGain                  <FLOAT>
         --PTDLStart                    <FLOAT>
         --PTDLStartFreq                <FLOAT>
         --PTDLEndFreq                  <FLOAT>
         --PTDLMultExponent             <INTEGER>
         --PTBandWidth                  <FLOAT>
         --PTPeakDetectionStrength      <FLOAT>
         --PTMultExponent               <INTEGER>
         --PTFilterLen                  <INTEGER>
         --PTFilterFile                 <STRING>
         --PTFilterFileType             <STRING>
         --PTNormFactor                 <FLOAT>
         --PTNormType                   <STRING>
         --PTOutFile                    <STRING>
         --PTOutFileType                <STRING>
         --PTOutWindow                  <INTEGER>
         --PLType                       <STRING>
         --PLMaxGain                    <FLOAT>
         --PLStart                      <FLOAT>
         --PLStartFreq                  <FLOAT>
         --PLEndFreq                    <FLOAT>
         --PLMultExponent               <INTEGER>
         --PLOutWindow                  <INTEGER>
         --PLNormFactor                 <FLOAT>
         --PLNormType                   <STRING>
         --PLOutFile                    <STRING>
         --PLOutFileType                <STRING>
         --RTType                       <STRING>
         --RTPrefilterFctn              <STRING>
         --RTWindowGap                  <INTEGER>
         --RTLowerWindow                <INTEGER>
         --RTUpperWindow                <INTEGER>
         --RTStartFreq                  <FLOAT>
         --RTEndFreq                    <FLOAT>
         --RTWindowExponent             <FLOAT>
         --RTFilterLen                  <INTEGER>
         --RTFSharpness                 <FLOAT>
         --RTBandSplit                  <INTEGER>
         --RTOutWindow                  <INTEGER>
         --RTNormFactor                 <FLOAT>
         --RTNormType                   <STRING>
         --RTOutFile                    <STRING>
         --RTOutFileType                <STRING>
         --PSFilterType                 <STRING>
         --PSInterpolationType          <STRING>
         --PSMultExponent               <INTEGER>
         --PSFilterLen                  <INTEGER>
         --PSNumPoints                  <INTEGER>
         --PSPointsFile                 <STRING>
         --PSMagType                    <STRING>
         --PSOutWindow                  <INTEGER>
         --PSNormFactor                 <FLOAT>
         --PSNormType                   <STRING>
         --PSOutFile                    <STRING>
         --PSOutFileType                <STRING>
         --MSMultExponent               <INTEGER>
         --MSOutWindow                  <INTEGER>
         --MSFilterDelay                <INTEGER>
         --MSNormFactor                 <FLOAT>
         --MSNormType                   <STRING>
         --MSOutFile                    <STRING>
         --MSOutFileType                <STRING>
         --TCNormFactor                 <FLOAT>
         --TCNormType                   <STRING>
         --TCOutFile                    <STRING>
         --TCOutFileType                <STRING>
         --TCOWFile                     <STRING>
         --TCOWFileType                 <STRING>
         --TCOWNormFactor               <FLOAT>
         --TCOWNormType                 <STRING>
         --TCOWSkip                     <INTEGER>
         --TCOWPrewindow                <INTEGER>
         --TCOWLength                   <INTEGER>

       Refer to the manual and samples for options details and file format.


       This  manual  page  was  written  by  Jaromír Mikeš <>, for the Debian
       project (but may be used by others).

                                         August 30, 2011                                   DRC(1)