Provided by: dvd+rw-tools_7.1-11_amd64 bug


       dev-ram-control - checks features of DVD-RAM discs


       dvd-ram-control [-arre] [-awre] [-rdonly|-rdwr] /dev/dvd


       The  dvd-ram-control  command  allows the user to check/set features of DVD-RAM discs. One
       such information is the Persistent Write Protection, controlling if the  disc  can  be  in
       read-only  mode  or if both reads and writes are enabled. It also allows the user to check
       and or set if  Automatic  Write  Relocation  Enable  (AWRE)  as  well  as  Automatic  Read
       Relocation Enable (ARRE) are enabled or not for a given media.


       Most      up-to-date      information      on     dvd+rw-tools     is     available     at

       The manpage for growisofs(1), dvd+rw-format(1), dvd+rw-booktype(1).


       dvd+rw-mediainfo was written by Andy Polyakov <>.   This  manual  page
       was  written  by  Rogério  Brito <> for the Debian project, but it may be
       used by others.