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       DVDwizard — automated creation of DVD structure


       dvdwizard [options] mpeg-file [mpeg-file2 ...]


       DVDwizard  is  a  wrapper-script  which  incorporates a fully automated
       creation of a DVD-structure with chapters and menus from  one  or  more
       mpeg-streams.  This is done by several "sub-scripts" and various freely
       available tools.


   General processing
       -C | --config-file filename
              filename         of         dvdwizard-configuration         file

       -o | --output directory
              Path where the final DVD will be stored [BASEDIR/dvd]

       -x | --xml filename
              Print dvdauthor XML-specs into this file [BASEDIR/dvdwizard.xml]

       -l | --logfile filename
              Write Log-Messages to this file [BASEDIR/dvdwizard.log]

       -y | --yes
              Allow all target directories to be overwritten

       -D | --debug
              Logging with console debug infos

       -h | --help
              print this lot out

       -v | --version
              print version and exit

       --restart step
              Do not start from beginning but from step. Step may be dvdcpics,
              mk_vmgm, mk_vtsm, author.

              Do not author final DVD, only create menus and  xml  and  remove
              temp. DVD structure.

              Like --xmlonly, but keep temporary DVD structure.

   DVD-specific options
       -T  | --vmgm string
              Titlestring for the whole DVD; if not specified no title will be
              printed on the main menu.

       -N  | --tvnorm <norm>
              TV-Norm to use. Norm may be PAL or NTSC. [PAL]

       -V  | --tvsize WidexHeight
              Visible Area on TV-Screen. [660x530]

       -M  | --menu language
              Define language to use in menu items [en]. Strings  are  defined
              in config file.

       -WS <option>
              Widescreen-Option for whole DVD may be nopanscan or noletterbox.
              Can be overwritten by -ws for a specific titleset.

       -P  | --palette filename
              Name of palette file, needed i.e. for subpictures.

       -A  | --Audio lang[,lang2,...]
              Language  for  audiotracks  [en].  Languages  are   applied   to
              audiotracks  in order they appear in the mpeg stream. Applies to
              all titlesets on the  DVD,  can  be  overwritten  by  -a  for  a
              specific titleset.

       -I  | --intro filename
              MPEG-File to be played when inserting the DVD in the player.

       -L  | --loop value
              Playback mode of the DVD. Possible values are:

              0      return to vmgm menu after each title,
              -1     display  vmgm  menu  before  the first and after the last
              -2     display vmgm menu only before first title  and  loop  all
                     titles endlessly,
              num    num  is  a  value between 1 and 9. Suppress vmgm menu and
                     loop all titles endlessly, starting from specified title.

       -MS | --vmgmsound filename
              Soundfile to be used as background sound for all menus  (may  be
              overwritten  for  specific  titlesets  with -ms|--vtsmsound). If
              empty, a silent audio track will be produced. Can be any format,
              ffmpeg recognizes and will be converted to ac3, if necessary.

       -W  | --pause number
              Wait a number of seconds as pause at the end of each titleset.

   Title-specific options
       -t  | --vts string
              Create a new titleset on the DVD with the subsequent options and
              mpeg-files. -t must be followed by a filename or a string or the
              word  "auto".  "auto"  determines  title-string from filename of
              first mpeg-file, if -t is followed by an existing filename, that
              file  is  considered to be the first mpeg in this titleset, else
              the string is used as movie title for this titleset.

       -c  | --chapters <spec>
              Chapter-Specification may be 0|file|timecodes|interval. [300]  0
              means no chaptering except for different mpeg-files.

       -b  | --vtsmbg filename
              Filename  of  background  picture  for all menus concerning this

       -ar | --aspect <aspectratio>
              Aspect-Ratio-Option aspectratio for correcting detected value of
              video stream. May be 4:3 or 16:9.

       -ws <option>
              Widescreen-Option  may  be  nopanscan  or  noletterbox  for this

       -a  | --audio lang[,lang2,...]
              Language for audiotrack of this titleset. [en]

       -s  | --subpic lang1[,lang2,...]
              Pass subpicture information to dvdauthor.This is a  string  like
              "en"  for  english, "de" for german etc. More Languages by Comma
              Separation, i.e. "-s de,en". Each language may be followed by an
              optional  "+hi"  to  indicate  a  subpicture  track  for hearing
              impaired, i.e. "-s de,de+hi".

       -i  | --info filename
              Points to a text file containing description and  the  like  for
              the movie.

       -ms | --vtsmsound  filename
              see -MS, but only applies to this titleset.


       Every  new -t creates a new titleset on the DVD. Subsequent options -c,
       -b, -a, -ar and mpeg-file(s) apply only to that titleset. To  create  a
       DVD with two titlesets and a special background, use for example:

              dvdwizard -t auto -c 30 title1.mpg \
                        -t auto -b bckgrnd.ppm title2.mpg


       BASEDIR  defaults  to  the current directory if not stated otherwise in
       the config file (either default  ~/.config/dvdwizard/dvdwizard.conf  or
       specified with the -C option).

       For  more  information, sources and executables of DVDwizard see at the


       DVDwizard   was   written   by   Wolfgang   Wershofen   <itconsult   at>.   Since  2009  DVDwizard will be developed by Joo Martin
       <joomart2009 at>.

       This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under  the  terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
       Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at  your
       option) any later version.

       This  package  is  distributed  in the hope that it will be useful, but
       WITHOUT  ANY  WARRANTY;  without   even   the   implied   warranty   of
       General Public License for more details.


       mk_vmgm(1), mk_vtsm(1), dvdwizard.conf(5)