Provided by: ec2-api-tools_1.6.14.1-0ubuntu1_all bug


       ec2-create-reserved-instances-listing - Create a Reserved Instance listing


        ec2crril ([ec2-create-reserved-instances-listing])
        ec2crril  [GENERAL OPTIONS] -r RESERVED-INSTANCE -i INSTANCE-COUNT [--client-token TOKEN]
         MONTH:PRICE is a price schedule entry, where MONTH is the number of
         the months remaining and PRICE is the nominal part of the price you
         want for this many months, e.g, 14:12.34 means you want to sell 14
         months at the price of $12.34.


        Any command option/parameter may be passed a value of '-' to indicate
        that values for that option should be read from stdin.



        -O, --aws-access-key KEY
            AWS Access Key ID. Defaults to the value of the AWS_ACCESS_KEY
            environment variable (if set).

        -W, --aws-secret-key KEY
            AWS Secret Access Key. Defaults to the value of the AWS_SECRET_KEY
            environment variable (if set).

        -T, --security-token TOKEN
            AWS delegation token. Defaults to the value of the AWS_DELEGATION_TOKEN
            environment variable (if set).

        -K, --private-key KEY
            [DEPRECATED] Specify KEY as the private key to use. Defaults to the value of the
            EC2_PRIVATE_KEY environment variable (if set). Overrides the default.

        -C, --cert CERT
            [DEPRECATED] Specify CERT as the X509 certificate to use. Defaults to the value
            of the EC2_CERT environment variable (if set). Overrides the default.

        -U, --url URL
            Specify URL as the web service URL to use. Defaults to the value of
            '' (us-east-1) or to that of the
            EC2_URL environment variable (if set). Overrides the default.

        --region REGION
            Specify REGION as the web service region to use.
            This option will override the URL specified by the "-U URL" option
            and EC2_URL environment variable.
            This option defaults to the region specified by the EC2_URL environment variable
            or us-east-1 if this environment variable is not set.

        -D, --auth-dry-run
            Check if you can perform the requested action rather than actually performing it.

        -v, --verbose
            Verbose output.

        -?, --help
            Display this help.

        -H, --headers
            Display column headers.

            Display additional debugging information.

            Indicate empty fields.

            Do not display tags for tagged resources.

        --connection-timeout TIMEOUT
            Specify a connection timeout TIMEOUT (in seconds).

        --request-timeout TIMEOUT
            Specify a request timeout TIMEOUT (in seconds).


        -r, --reserved-instance RESERVED-INSTANCE
            The ID of the active Reserved Instance with which the instances you want
            to list is associated.

        -i, --instance-count INSTANCE-COUNT
            The number of instances that are a part of a Reserved Instance that will be
            listed in the Reserved Instance Marketplace. This number should be less or
            equal to the instance count associated with the Reserved Instance ID
            specified in this command.

        --currency-code CURRENCY-CODE
            Specify the 3 character CURRENCY-CODE that the PRICES are specified in.
            Can only be specified with LIMIT-PRICE.
            Defaults to USD if not specified.


EC2 API command line tools  api=2014-05EC2-CREATE-RESERVED-INSTANCES-LISTING(1)