Provided by: gworldclock_1.4.4-9ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       gworldclock - Displays time and date in specified time zones.


       gworldclock [ -f FILE ]


       gworldclock  displays the time and date of specified time zones using a GTK+ interface. It
       also allows the zones to be "rendezvoused" or "synchronised" to  a  time  other  than  the
       current time.

       The  time  zones  may  be chosen from the list given in the GUI user interface.  The zones
       available are generated from the data in /usr/share/zoneinfo/  The chosen set  of
       zones  is  stored in ${HOME}/.tzlist by default, but an alternate file may be specified at
       the command line via -f. Alternatively this file may be created by hand in TZ format.  The
       zone list is kept in a format consistent with the shell script tzwatch, currently found in
       twclock.  The format consists of one TZ string per line, optionally followed by  a  human-
       friendly string enclosed in inverted commas ("), providing a name for the zone.


       -f FILE
              Read zone list from FILE instead of ${HOME}/.tzlist.


       tzwatch (1)


       gworldclock was written by Drew Parsons <>.

                                        28 September 2003                          GWORLDCLOCK(1)