Provided by: xymon_4.3.25-1_amd64 bug


       hostgraphs.cgi - CGI program to show multiple graphs




       hostgraph.cgi is invoked as a CGI script via the CGI wrapper.

       If  no  parameters  are  provided  when invoked, it will present a form where the user can
       select a time period, one or more hosts, and a set of graphs.

       The parameters selected by the user are passed to a second  invocation  of  hostgraph.cgi,
       and  result  in  a  webpage  showing a list of graph images based on the trend data stored
       about the hosts.

       If multiple graph-types are selected, hostgraph.cgi will display a list  of  graphs,  with
       one graph per type.

       If  multiple  hosts are selected, hostgraph.cgi will attempt to display a multi-host graph
       for each type where the graphs for all hosts are overlayed in a single image, allowing for
       easy comparison of the hosts.

       The  hostlist  uses  the  PAGEPATH cookie provided by Xymon webpages to select the list of
       hosts to present. Only the hosts visible on the page where hostgraph.cgi is  invoked  from
       will be visible.

       The  resulting graph page can be bookmarked, but the bookmark also fixates the time period


              Loads the environment defined in FILENAME before executing the CGI script.


       This utility is experimental. It may change in a future release of Xymon.

       It is possible for the user to select graphs which do not exist. This  results  in  broken
       image links.

       The  set  of  graph-types is fixed in the server/web/hostgraphs_form template and does not
       adjust to which graphs are available.

       If the tool is invoked directly, all hosts defined in Xymon will be listed.


       hosts.cfg(5), xymonserver.cfg(5)