Provided by: xymon_4.3.25-1_amd64 bug


       reportlog.cgi - CGI program to report service availability log




       reportlog.cgi  is  invoked as a CGI script via the CGI wrapper.  Based on the
       parameters it receives, it generates an availability report for  a  specific  host-service
       combination  for the requested time-period. The availability report includes a calculation
       of the availability percentage (split out on percent green,  yellow,  red  time),  and  an
       eventlog  for the period listing the status changes that have occurred to allow for drill-
       down to the test reports that indicate a problem.  Access  to  the  individual  historical
       status logs go via the svcstatus.cgi(1) CGI script.

       reportlog.cgi is passed a QUERY_STRING environment variable with the following parameters:

          HOSTSVC (the host and service to report on)
          STYLE (report style: "crit", "non-crit", "all")
          ST (starttime in seconds since 1-1-1970 00:00 UTC)
          END (endtime in seconds since 1-1-1970 00:00 UTC)

       The following non-standard parameters are handled by the Xymon version of history.cgi:

          IP (IP address of host - for display purposes only)
          REPORTTIME (the REPORTTIME: setting for this host)
          WARNPCT (the WARNPCT: setting for this host)

       The  REPORTTIME  and  WARNPCT  options  are taken from the hosts.cfg(5) definition for the
       host, or the defaults are used.  These  modify  the  availability  calculation  to  handle
       reporting  against  agreed  Service  Level Agreements re. the time of day when the service
       must be available, and the agreed availability level.


              Loads environment from FILENAME before executing the CGI.


       hosts.cfg(5), xymonserver.cfg(5), svcstatus.cgi(1)