Provided by: libroar-dev_1.0~beta11-7_amd64 bug


       roar-config - get information of installed RoarAudio libraries


       roar-config --version

       roar-config --compare-versions VERSIONA OPERATOR VERSIONB

       roar-config [{--output-pc|--output-normal}] [--libs] [--cflags] [LIB]

       roar-config    [--product    PRODUCT]    [--provider   PROVIDER]   [--universal]   {--path

       roar-config --render-path PATH


       This small tool prints information about installed versions and needed flags to work  with
       the RoarAudio libraries.


       --help Show a brief help.

              Show version of library

       --compare-versions VERSIONA OPERATOR VERSIONB
              Compares  version  VERSIONA against version VERSIONB using operator OPERATOR.  Both
              versions must be in dotted format (e.g. 1.0.8) or the  special  keyword  "current".
              This keyword represents the current used version.

              Operator  may be "eq" (equal), "ne" (not equal), "gt" (greater than), "ge" (greater
              than or equal), "lt" (less than) or "le" (less than or equal).

              This function is mostly useful to check for minimum required or  maximum  supported
              versions of libroar in configure scripts.

       --path NAME
              Print path NAME. Examples for NAME include prefix-plugins.

              List all known paths with corresponding values.

       --product PRODUCT
              Product string for --path and --list-path.

       --provider PROVIDER
              Provider string for --path and --list-path.

              Use universal path for --path and --list-path.

       --render-path PATH
              Render  the  given  path. The path can be any absolute path, a path relative to the
              user's home directory (prefixed with ~/) or a path relative to a path  as  used  by
              --path (prefixed with $ and path name).

       --libs Show linker flags (-lxxx) needed to link library

              Show compiler flags needed to link library

              Output in PC format.

              Output in "classical" format.


       roartips(7), libroar(7), RoarAudio(7).


       For history information see RoarAudio(7).