Provided by: ledgersmb_1.3.46-1_all bug


       LedgerSMB::DBObject::Reconciliation - LedgerSMB class defining the core database
       interaction logic for Reconciliation.


       This module creates object instances based on LedgerSMB's in-database ORM.


       Please note, this module needs a lot of cleanup.

       new ($class, base => $LedgerSMB::hash)
           This is the base constructor for all child classes.  It must be used with base
           argument because this is necessary for database connectivity and the like.

           Of course the base object can be any object that inherits LedgerSMB, so you can use
           any subclass of that.  The per-session dbh is passed between the objects this way as
           is any information that is needed.

       get_report($self, $report_id)
           Collects all the rows from the database in the given report. Returns an arrayref of
           entries in the table for the given report_id.

           Returns undef in the event of no records found.

       get_corrections($self, $report_id, $entry_id)
           Returns the corrections made for the selected report and entry.  Returns undef in the
           event of no corrections found.

       entry ($self,$report_id,$entry_id)
           Returns a single entry from the pending reports table, either cleared or uncleared.

           Updates the report, pulling in any new transactions in the date range into the
           transaction list.

           Submits the reconciliation set for approval.

           Saves the reconciliation set for later work

           Calls the file import function.  This is generally assumed to be a csv file although
           the plugin is very modular and plugins could be written for other formats.  The format
           structure is per account id.

           Approves the pending report $reportid.  Checks for error codes in the pending report,
           and approves the report if none are found.

           Limitations: The creating user may not approve the report.

           Returns 1 on success.

           Creates a new report with data entered.

       delete ($self, $report_id)
           Requires report_id

           This will allow the deletion of a report if the report is not approved and the user
           either owns the unsubmitted report, or the user has the right to approve reports.

           Returns 0 if successful, or a true result if not.

           Adds entries from the import file routine.

           This function is extremely order dependent.  Meaningful scn's must be submitted first
           it is also recommended that amounts be ordered where scn's are not found.

           Searches for reconciliation reports.  No inputs mandatory.

           date_from and date_to specify ranges.  balance_from and balance_to specify ranges
           chart_id specifies an account submitted and approved are exact matches to status.

       get Gets all information relating to a reconciliation report.

           id must be set.

           Populates main hash with values from cr_report

           Also populates

               a list of report lines

               a hashrefo of information from the account table.

           This is a simple wrapper around reconciliation__account_list

Copyright (C) 2007, The LedgerSMB core team.

       This file is licensed under the Gnu General Public License version 2, or at your option
       any later version.  A copy of the license should have been included with your software.