Provided by: ledgersmb_1.3.46-1_all bug


       LedgerSMB::Setting - LedgerSMB class for managing Business Locations


       This module creates object instances based on LedgerSMB's in-database ORM.


       The following method is static:

       new ($LedgerSMB object);

       The following methods are passed through to stored procedures:

       get ($self->{key})
       set ($self->{key}, $self->{value})
       parse_increment ($self->{key})
           This function updates a default entry in the database, incrimenting the last set of
           digits not including <?lsmb ?> tags or non-digits, and then parses the returned value,
           doing tag substitution.  The final value is then returned by the function.

       The above list may grow over time, and may depend on other installed modules.

Copyright (C) 2007, The LedgerSMB core team.

       This file is licensed under the Gnu General Public License version 2, or at your option
       any later version.  A copy of the license should have been included with your software.