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       Map - Association tables over ordered types.


       Module   Map


       Module Map
        : sig end

       Association tables over ordered types.

       This  module  implements  applicative  association  tables,  also  known as finite maps or
       dictionaries, given a total ordering function over the keys.  All operations over maps are
       purely  applicative (no side-effects).  The implementation uses balanced binary trees, and
       therefore searching and insertion take time logarithmic in the size of the map.

       For instance: module IntPairs = struct type t = int * int let compare  (x0,y0)  (x1,y1)  =
       match  x0  x1  with  0 -> y0 y1 | c -> c end module
       PairsMap = Map.Make(IntPairs) let m = PairsMap.(empty |> add  (0,1)  hello  |>  add  (1,0)
       world )

       This  creates a new module PairsMap , with a new type 'a PairsMap.t of maps from int * int
       to 'a . In this example, m contains string values so its type is string PairsMap.t .

       module type OrderedType = sig end

       Input signature of the functor Map.Make .

       module type S = sig end

       Output signature of the functor Map.Make .

       module Make : functor (Ord : OrderedType) -> sig end

       Functor building an implementation of the map structure given a totally ordered type.