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       PAPI_add_events -

       add multiple PAPI presets or native hardware events to an event set


Detailed Description

       @par C Interface:
       int PAPI_add_events( int  EventSet, int * EventCodes, int  number );

       PAPI_add_event adds one event to a PAPI Event Set. PAPI_add_events does
       the same, but for an array of events. @n
       A hardware event can be either a PAPI preset or a native hardware event code.
       For a list of PAPI preset events, see PAPI_presets or run the avail test case
       in the PAPI distribution. PAPI presets can be passed to PAPI_query_event to see
       if they exist on the underlying architecture.
       For a list of native events available on current platform, run native_avail
       test case in the PAPI distribution. For the encoding of native events,
       see PAPI_event_name_to_code to learn how to generate native code for the
       supported native event on the underlying architecture.

       @param EventSet
           An integer handle for a PAPI Event Set as created by PAPI_create_eventset.
       @param *EventCode
           An array of defined events.
       @param number
           An integer indicating the number of events in the array *EventCode.
           It should be noted that PAPI_add_events can partially succeed,
           exactly like PAPI_remove_events.

       @retval Positive-Integer
           The number of consecutive elements that succeeded before the error.
       @retval PAPI_EINVAL
           One or more of the arguments is invalid.
       @retval PAPI_ENOMEM
           Insufficient memory to complete the operation.
       @retval PAPI_ENOEVST
           The event set specified does not exist.
       @retval PAPI_EISRUN
           The event set is currently counting events.
       @retval PAPI_ECNFLCT
           The underlying counter hardware can not count this event and other events
           in the event set simultaneously.
       @retval PAPI_ENOEVNT
           The PAPI preset is not available on the underlying hardware.
       @retval PAPI_EBUG
           Internal error, please send mail to the developers.

       @par Examples:

       *   int EventSet = PAPI_NULL;
       *   unsigned int native = 0x0;
       *   if ( PAPI_create_eventset( &EventSet ) != PAPI_OK )
       *   handle_error( 1 );
       *   // Add Total Instructions Executed to our EventSet
       *   if ( PAPI_add_event( EventSet, PAPI_TOT_INS ) != PAPI_OK )
       *   handle_error( 1 );
       *   // Add native event PM_CYC to EventSet
       *   if ( PAPI_event_name_to_code( "PM_CYC", &native ) != PAPI_OK )
       *   handle_error( 1 );
       *   if ( PAPI_add_event( EventSet, native ) != PAPI_OK )
       *   handle_error( 1 );

       @see PAPI_cleanup_eventset @n
       PAPI_destroy_eventset @n
       PAPI_event_code_to_name @n
       PAPI_remove_events @n
       PAPI_query_event @n
       PAPI_presets @n
       PAPI_native @n


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